If you think that having a website alone is enough, you probably miss the boat being found on the top of the search engines and directories. What is the purpose to be ranked 349 in a search engine?

Try to key-in a key phrase to find your own website, can you find it in the first page results of search engines? Probably not! Hence, that's no problem at least you now know why you need SEO for your website!

Can Your Potential Clients Find You On The Search Engines ?
To Grow Your Business, you need SEO!

With dedicated online presence for US, UK, Canada, Australia, and India, SEO4website.com continues to make a global impact in the internet marketing arena. Our professional, highly skilled staff has the knowledge and expertise to help your business increase exposure on major search engines and portals. We can help you start connecting with the millions of people everyday who use search engines to look for new products and services. It's fast, easy and guaranteed to deliver results.
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Our SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Packages :
Gold SEO Package
Gold SEO Package
Diamond SEO Package

Our Silver SEO package is best for the small businesses and the websites without a huge amount of competition for the search terms they are targeting or if they are looking for an affordable SEO package. It includes :

5 Guaranteed Keyword Searches in most of the Search Engines

200 manual Search Engine Submission

Manual Article submission to 100 best Article directories

Manual Submissions to top 200 Online Directories... including Dmoz etc

Free Recommendation from Seo experts

Search Engine Ranking Reports

Our Gold SEO package is to get your business at the top pages by various submissions and experts consultations. We also do the competitor study to keep you ahead of them. This is recommended for the websites which want a bit extra than starters and have tough competition. It includes :

Guaranteed Keyword Searches in most of the Search Engines

500 manual Online Directories Submission

Consultation on emerging Trends in Search Engines

Website Review & experts Suggestion

250 International search engine submission

Manual Article submission to 100 best Article directories

Free SEO Guide and Tutorial

Our Diamond SEO Package is the best option when you need to beat the competition. It helps you to keep you ahead of your competition. This package is designed to increase targeted traffic. It completely optimizes your website, you'll be amazed with the results and with the consultation and recommendations provided by our SEO experts. It includes:

Guaranteed number of Keywords / Phrases: 8-15

Optimized Website Redesigning by our expert designers

90 minutes Online 1 to 1 SEO Experts Consulting

Unlimited Email & Telephone Support

1000 Manual Submissions to Online Directories

600 International search engine submission

Free 2 article writing

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Our SEO Submission Services :

Directory Submission  
We will not use any software but we will spend our hours to submit your website to all the directories manually. To make website link popular and get top ranking in search engine result pages, submission of link in directories is very important.

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Search Engine Submission  
The majority of Internet users use search engines and web directories as their primary method to find information on-line. Search engine submission is definitely worth the effort for all the websites those are serious about their business!

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Press Release Submission  
Press release submission enables to achieve visibility where your target audience is looking information about your company's services and products. One of the quickest ways to get one-way links which increase link popularity of your  website.

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Article Submission  
Submitting articles to an article directory is a decision more and more people are making everyday. Online Article submission is a self-generating marketing tool that produces a constant flow of visitors. You write the quality article and we take care of its distribution.

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Our Other Services :

Content Writing (Press Release, Aritcles etc.) Services

SEO4website.com’s Content writing team prominently understands the delicacy of write up in different domain. The team has expertise in shaping the ideas into impressive words exactly according to the requirement of the client and topic. The team has good understanding of optimizing work as well. It ensures ideal keyword density into the write up.

We at SEO4website.com understand that the web content for our websites is our ambassador that speaks on behalf of our company, organization, institution and so on. Hence, we develop the content to achieve your online marketing goals, and the best search engine results.

Writing and publishing work of article & Press Releases are the most preferred way to achieve targeted traffic and to build valuable incoming links to your website. Contact us for more details


Blog Submission Services

  We create profiles for our clients.
  Each posting in blog is updated in directories as well.
  We believe that blog or feed directories are more authoritative than others and hence we expect quality links here.
  We prefer more than hundred entries for each blog/post.
  Certain blog directories accept feed of your blog and provide strong links that substantially boost ranking in search engine.
  Most of the time, you will get traffic as per expectation from blogs and feed directories. Contact us for more details

Forum Posting Services

We have technically efficient forum posting experts. They have expertise in creating new threads and promptly replying old threads simultaneously. They are perfectly aware with the significance of signature in forum posting and precisely use it. We offer varieties of packages for forum posting accordingly clients’ demands. Few exclusive features of forum posting services are mentioned below:-

  We prefer theme based forums.
  Usually, we use 2-3 anchor text links in signature.
  We believe in meaningful post in forums.
  We ourselves create profile for forum posting.
  We provide complete report in excel format to our clients

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Social Book Marking Services

Social bookmarking is an effective and unique service offered by our experienced company. Social bookmarking is a very popular Web 2.0 tool and proven marketing technique which attracts thousands of potential customers to your company's website on a daily basis. The fastest way to get your site indexed by Search Engines. SEO4website.com understand how to choose the best social bookmarking sites for your business, to ensure that you stay one step ahead of the competition.

We have expertise in social media optimization and our rich client base is its live witness. We offer customized social bookmarking services. Get backlinks for your blogs, blog posts, articles, lenses, press releases, etc. Contact us for more details.

SEO Web Design Services

We have expertise in designing SEO friendly websites. We will optimize your site so that the search engines find your site and you start to get organic search results. If your business is looking for a search engine friendly design, we can help you. Our sites have consistently placed in the Top 20 of major search engines for various categories over the last 10 years.

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Blog Setup Services

The Integral Blog service is the perfect way to get a really effective Business Blog set-up integrated with your current website. Hire a Professional Blogger / Blog Designer. Get your Business & Personal BLOG developed / designed from the weblog / blog experts. Build your wordpress blog today. read more >

Website Audit Service to increase traffic and business

The website audit service was created to give businesses and organizations the in-depth insight and information to guide a successful Web strategy, without the expense of a full-scale redesign. If your organization already has an in-house Web team—or if your site is a “do it yourself” effort—the information from an audit report can give you an important edge.

The purpose of the audit is to provide constructive feedback on your website and a basis for improving its effectiveness. The review is broken down into a number of key categories, each of which, are assessed by an experienced reviewer. Specific feedback is provided, in terms of general comments and improvement suggestions. It is intended that the information be viewed as useful and constructive. read more >

Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising - Management Services

SEO4website.com offers professional pay per click (PPC) services with proven methodologies and stimulating ideas getting you best ROI enhancing your business value through enterprising pay per click campaign management. Pay Per Click (PPC) services include sophisticated content research, keyphrase development & integrated ROI tracking enabling cost-to-revenue analysis. read more >

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