SEO FAQs (Frequently asked questions):
plus What exactly is SEO & SEM and why do I need it?

SEO Short for search engine optimization, the process of increasing the number of visitors to a Web site by achieving high rank in the search results of a search engine. The higher a Web site ranks in the results of a search, the greater the chance that users will visit the site. It is common practice for Internet users to not click past the first few pages of search results, therefore high rank in SERPs (Search Engine Results Page) is essential for obtaining traffic for a site. SEO helps to ensure that a site is accessible to a search engine and improves the chances that the site will be indexed and favorably ranked by the search engine.

SEM Short for search engine marketing, SEM is often used to describe acts associated with researching, submitting and positioning a Web site within search engines to achieve maximum exposure of your Web site. SEM includes things such as search engine optimization, paid listings and other search-engine related services and functions that will increase exposure and traffic to your Web site.

plus What are directories and should I submit my site to them?
Directories are the catalogs with industry specific categories which list lots of website and give a short description of the website related to its products and services, Directories are human edited and reviewed & rank websites submitted to their database. In directories, websites are often reviewed, summarized in about 25 words and placed in a particular category. Directory submission gives you one-way permanent links, which increases your websites Page Rank. And major search engines likely place significant weight on links from DMOZ and the Yahoo Directory.
plus What is a Page Rank?
Google has its own algorithm of giving ranking to the webpages which is called Page Rank. Google basically counts the number of incoming links to your webpages along with some other factors and then to determine the importance of your web page and where it should rank. For a Page Rank it is not just the number of incoming links, it is the quality and the number of out going links also.
plus How much time does it take to get a website "indexed" on the search engines?
Every Search Engine has its own criteria, but in general, most search engines takes between 2-8 weeks to index a new website.
plus Can I get top Search Engine ranking with a single keyword?
With the growth in online business, the numbers of websites are increasing and to get top Search Engine Ranking with a single keyword is very difficult. Keywords are phrases of two or three words which define your core business and is the term searched by your target segment. For e.g. if you are into Leather products, then your possible keywords can be- Best Leather goods, Leather products exporters etc.
And getting top ranking with a single keyword depends on the competition level in the market.
plus Is there any simple and less time consuming solution to get top search engine ranking?
There is no simple solution to reach high search engine rankings other than SEO. Though Search engine optimization is time consuming process and requires expertise to get you the top ranking, it is futuristic and keeps you in competition forever.
plus How do you do the submissions?
We have the experts and SEO professionals who will manfully submit your website to Search Engines, Web Directories, Online Article Site and Press Release Site. We are totally against using the automated Submission programs, we DO NOT use software as many search engines consider such automated submissions as SPAM and they might Blacklist the Site forever.
plus Why do we submit to low page ranks Sites?
We submit to low page ranks because slowly when these low page rank sites will grow to PR 4 and PR5, you will also get the higher page rank and searchability. Infact this looks very natural to the search engines.
plus What are Meta Descriptions?
The Meta description tag describes your site's content in just one or two sentences. It is a brief and concise summary of your page's content, which is used by search engines and directories for indexing a site.
plus What are Meta Tags?
Meta tags are HTML codes that are placed into the header on a web page following the Title Tags. Meta Tags are very important for your website's visibility for Search Engine Crawlers.
plus How long will it take to get my site optimized?
This will depend on the service you have taken from us and the website we are given to work with (New site or an Old site). Generally it takes 4-10 weeks for a new website with moderate competition to get indexed in to the major search engines like google, yahoo, msn etc. (Google takes the most time to Add New Sites) and approx 4-6 months to get Google Page Rank, but to achieve at the PR of 5-7 you will continuously have to focus on SEO, as it is an ongoing continuous process and keeps you in the competition with new sites coming every day.
plus What are the Keywords?
Keyword or Keyword phrases are the most essential part of the websites as they are the basis for the search engine and help users to understand the products and services offered by the website. Keywords are generally the combination of 2-3 words, expects the targeted prospects likely to search for. The Keywords should be relevant to the webpage content and correct choice of keywords is very important to optimize a website. Generally Keyword phrases are better than single keywords. E.g. "Live chat software" is much better than "software" or "Live chat", thus Keywords should always be meaningful which are likely to search by the customer.
plus Do you provide any SEO Guarantee?
We will try its best to achieve high rankings with Search Engines & Directories and provide its best efforts, but as stated in the Google Guidelines for Webmasters, no one can technically "guarantee" search engine rankings. As the rankings are determined by secret algorithms, which keep on changing time to time. No SEO firm has control over the algorithms, thus none can guarantee rankings. We can guarantee you our 200% efforts for getting you top ranking for your website for the given keywords.
plus What exactly are the Spiders?
A Spider or Search Engine Crawler is a program or a piece of software that visits Websites and reads their pages and grab content and other information from sites to add it to the search engine index.
plus How important is the Website design or its development Methodology for SEO?
Website plays a very important role in getting it indexed for any search engine, if you have not followed the basic rules while developing your website, it might not ever get indexed. So the Website design not only matters to your website visitors but also to the Search Engines. For e.g. (a) Using Frames are very, very bad for SEO, avoid using them, (b) Spiders or Crawlers don't index the content of Flash movies, so if you use Flash on your site, don't forget to give it an alternative textual description. (c) It is great to have a complete and up-to-date sitemap, spiders love it, no matter if it is a plain old HTML sitemap or the special Google sitemap format.

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