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What is Link Popularity?

In simple words, Link popularity is the number of sites who are linking to your site. It is the measure of how many sites on the Internet are linking to your web site, but it goes further than that.

Many webmasters who were thankful to leave concerns about "being popular" behind in high school are now learning that popularity is still important. Link popularity, that is. Led by Google, many search engines include your link popularity score in the algorithms they use to determine your site's rank.

Google started it, but more and more search engines are following suit and using link popularity as an important part of their ranking algorithms. Many webmasters responded by joining link farms and stuffing their sites with as many links as possible. But all links are not created equal. In fact, bad linking strategies may get you banned from some engines.

Simply, your link popularity score is the total number of external sites that link to yours. Link importance is closely related to link popularity, but with a twist. It looks at the type of external link and assigns higher scores to high quality links.

Link Popularity is used by 19 of the top 20 Search Engines in their ranking algorithms. Recently, Search Engines are finding new ways to ensure relevant results for their visitors.

Better Link Popularity can dramatically increase your web site traffic.

Use these links to manually check your link popularity:

1) AllTheWeb

2) AltaVista

3) Google

Please remember that GOOGLE syndicates its search results, so there is no need to search for links to your site on any of the sites which use Google results (AOL, Netscape, Disney's, Alexa..).

4) MSN

5) Yahoo!


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