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Professional Website Audit Service to increase traffic and business:

The website audit service was created to give businesses and organizations the in-depth insight and information to guide a successful Web strategy, without the expense of a full-scale redesign. If your organization already has an in-house Web team—or if your site is a “do it yourself” effort—the information from an audit report can give you an important edge.

The purpose of the audit is to provide constructive feedback on your website and a basis for improving its effectiveness. The review is broken down into a number of key categories, each of which, are assessed by an experienced reviewer. Specific feedback is provided, in terms of general comments and improvement suggestions. It is intended that the information be viewed as useful and constructive.

Benefits of Web site Audits:

  • Increase your web site traffic with more business enquiries from targeted visitors
  • Improve website positioning and increase your brand visibility
  • Obtain a long term positioning
  • Determine the priorities you should assign for your search engine optimization campaign and how to make improvements
  • Receive direct consultancy on how to increase your visibility on the major search engines

Covering both the areas where a website excels and the ways it can be improved, a completed audit report will offer detailed analysis of your site’s performance based on key success factors:

plusDesign: Does the design of your site provide a positive impression of your brand/company? Are images consistent with the page copy & is your brand reinforced consistently throughout the site?

plusBasic Security: Are you taking fundamental security precautions to protect yourself and your visitors?

plusMarketing and Branding: How well does your site rank in search engines like Google? Does your online presence create a lasting, positive brand impression on visitors? Is your organization’s mission stated in a confident and memorable way that will resonate with your chosen audience?

plusSEO Analysis: Is your site architecture, internal link structure, shopping cart and content management system allowing all site content to be spidered by the search engines? Are you properly utilizing "on page optimization" techniques to ensure search engine visibility for your keyword list? Do you have an ongoing strategy for acquiring inbound links to remain competitive in the search engine results pages (SERPs)?

plusCredibility: User research and surveys have revealed that a website’s credibility is crucial to retaining visitors, and converting those visitors into customers. Does your site feature the proven credibility-enhancers that can inspire confidence in your organization?

plusUsability: How user-friendly is your website? Will your visitors find what they’re looking for easily, or give up and turn to your competitors?

plusContent: Targeted content is a key component of successful online marketing. Does your site’s content speak to the needs of your customers or constituents? Is the copy (text) compelling and readable? Is multimedia content offered in a way that will reach the most viewers, for the biggest impact?

plusAccessibility for the Disabled: Much like a building that uses wheelchair ramps and Braille, a website can be made accessible through careful planning and implementation. How well does your site comply with the Web accessibility laws of your country or region?

and more…

In addition to reporting on required "technical" changes, we will also advise on any "common-sense" changes that would benefit your site with regard accessible design.

Other Categories under review
As well as accessibility, the website audit also reports on a number of other key areas which could improve your sites performance and usability. This includes:

plusSite Design


plusLegal and Security Issues


plusSearch Engine Compatibility

plusTechnical Performance

The professional SEO Audit comes in PDF format

Cost & Delivery Time: Cost and time will vary depending on the depth and complexity of your site, but in general it takes about 1-2+ weeks.

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