Why SEO4website.com ?

SEO4website.com - is a SEO Services division of Ishika Technologies Private Limited.

SEO4website.com, focuses on building Search Engine Optimization solutions. Our goal is to advise, guide and support our clients in all stages of their online endeavor and to provide a high level of service and education to businesses, individuals, non-profits and government organizations so they can best leverage the unique reach of the Internet to increase visibility and achieve success. Our team is highly qualified in the areas of Keyword Research and Search Engine Experts. As SEO Experts, we know how to maximize search results and ROI with powerful, exclusive SEO knowledge and marketing strategies - to sell far more of your product.

The driving force of SEO4website.com Search Engine Optimization is company CEO and founder Manoj Jain. A highly regarded Internet Marketing Expert with about 9 years of experience in Web Solutions and Internet marketing, Manoj Jain leads his team of search engine specialists in researching, testing, and implementing advanced strategies for SEO4website.com's clients. Through Manoj's visionary concepts, SEO4website.com. continues to break new ground in the search engine optimization (SEO) field.

With dedicated online presence for US, UK, Canada, Australia, and India, SEO4website.com continues to make a global impact in the internet marketing arena.

Our professional, highly skilled staff has the knowledge and expertise to help your business increase exposure on major search engines and portals. We can help you start connecting with the millions of people everyday who use search engines to look for new products and services. It's fast, easy and guaranteed to deliver results.

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Features & Attractions of SEO4website.com's Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Services :

Manual Submissions – We have a team of professional experts who will submit your site manually to Online directories, Search engines, Article Sites and Press Release Sites. These experts not only submit your website while they revise the website before submission and give you the necessary tips and guidelines if required.

Real-time consultation with experts – We provide you the real time consultation with our SEO experts, who will guide you how to increase your Page rank and get better searchability, these experts will go through your website in detail and then give their recommendations.

Ease of Use - We have a very easy to use and user friendly system, we understand that SEO is not that easy for everyone to understand…. So we try and make it as simple as possible for you to meet your online business objectives by understanding your specific needs and fulfilling them with the best technology available to get you on the top.

Value for Money - Our SEO model is tailored to offer the most excellent services for a very reasonable price. We have the experienced SEO experts and with their knowledge and experience, we deliver our projects efficiently and a cost-effective solutions for our customers. Because of our delivery centers in India, our pricing is at least 6 to 10 times better than our competition. A few local companies might offer you cheaper package. But check out how many man hours they spend on your project.

Experience - Our team includes professional SEO experts, who hold about 9 years of experience in SEO, guarantees top position in all the major Search engines. We have successfully executed several search engine optimization Projects for our clients in US, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore, China and India.
We know what it is like to generate online results and revenue because we have done it and we know intimately the mind and hearts of how search engines work because we have contributed to the functioning of some of the largest search engines in the industry. While many companies wonder what it is like, we know because we have done it.

Quality & Accuracy- Quality assurance is our top most priority. We are a full-house SEO expert team trained and certified in their respective fields. We practice the highest industry standards in ensuring your full satisfaction. We always try and provide accurate information to our clients or potential clients. We do not engage in any sales pitch or marketing gimmicks.

We Care for Customers - Our primary objective is to meet the expectations of our customers. Our friendly customer care team will answer any questions you may have within 1 business day (24 hours). We are not like other companies, we take care you after receiving your payments, we are always there for our customers, you can always get in touch with us through our live support system or you can email our support team.

Research and developments - We always look for new developments, new search engine submission techniques, new search engine submission approaches, new online directories, etc and keep on updating our databases to improve your SEO rankings.

Features of our Search Engine Submission Service :

  80% of Internet users rely on search engine to find the information they needs.
  Search Engines are the great way to insure international searchability and drive extremely  targeted traffic.
  Search Engine Submission helps you in quick indexing of your website.
  SEO4website.com manual submissions to the search engines ensure that there is no mistake.
  Most of our clients recover their investment within the first few months of their campaign.
  Manual submission of your Web Site URL to the top search engines, such as Lycos, MSN, Yahoo, AltaVista, Google, Businesswire and many more.
  Detailed Reports of all the submissions.
  Our staff members are well trained with Search Engine Submission and follow all guidelines  of submission
  An important part of your internet marketing strategy depends on being found by search  engines.
  We allow you to submit your main website along with its sub pages.

Features of our Press Release Submission Service:

  One of the quickest ways to get one-way links which increase link popularity of your  website.
  With keyword optimization and the right mix of distribution, press releases can drive considerable traffic and sales.
  Online Press Releases helps search engines and directories to locate your Website and Saves your money needed to purchase an advertising spot on press pages.
  Increased traffic to your web site from the top search engines.
  Press Release distributions help new companies to gain an edge over their competitors and build publicity and credibility.
  We provide detailed report on Press release submission.
 SEO4website.com will get your press release, released directly through the appropriate person, to get the news released earliest.
  Press releases are one of the very important means, which helps a website or online business recognized and known over the Internet. It is useful to develop company's brand     world-famous and trustworthy.
  Effective press release optimization writing and distribution, your company can achieve a significant and measurable increase in brand visibility, web site traffic and sales.
  Additional search engine rankings on your target keywords with press release submission.
  SEO4website.com provide personalized service with all manual submission through experts.

Features of our Directory Submission SEO Services :

To make website link popular and get top ranking in search engine result pages, submission of link in directories is very important.

  Directory submissions send you targeted traffic.
  Directory submissions allow the anchor text of your choice.
  Directory submissions gives you more one-way permanent links, which increases your websites Page Rank.
  It improves and strengthens your rankings on the major search engines like Google, AltaVista and Yahoo.
  SEO4website.com constantly verify all the links in our directory, they are reviewed and updated regularly.
  SEO4website.com provide excellent 24/7 support to our customers.
  SEO4website.com extensive knowledge and experience, ensuring the highest chances of   acceptance for your site.
  SEO4website.com staff members are well trained with directory submission and follow all guidelines of     submission.
  Our directories have been hand-picked to suit all kinds of websites irrespective of whether they target a global, city specific, industry specific or niche audience.
  Get detailed reports of your directory submissions.
  When you list with a directory, then crawler-based search engines are more likely to find     your site and add it to their listings for free.
  We do not use any form of automated software or submission routine.

Features of our Article Submission Services:

  An article directory is a great online business strategy.
  SEO4website.com will provide you the detailed report where your article has been published.
  SEO4website.com do all the article submissions manually.
  Your articles will be published in all the great publishing resources.
  Influential method of gaining prominence one-way links to your site.
  Helps in building your own online network.
  Articles distribution increases returning visitors to your web site as your articles will remain in the search engines and on other peoples' sites for years to come.
  Increase link popularity of your website.
  We provide excellent support to our customers.
  Get maximum exposure to your site.
  Article Submission helps you to boost your individual and business credibility and builds  your Brand Equity.
  Well-written articles are syndicated by many other article websites.
  Our experts will register with each article directory, verify email and then submit article for   you.


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